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The FOR A DAY FOUNDATION is a 501(C)(3) organization whose mission is to raise the self-esteem of children of all ages, who are fighting cancer and other illnesses. Through fun events and special visits, we offer a respite from their battle, if only "for a day."

2014 events

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Holiday Party at Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, December 13, 2014
By Beth Monicatti Blank, Sparrow Hospital Coordinator and FADF Advisory Board Member
LOVE the HOLIDAYS! What fun Ashley Floyd, Officer Barb from the East Lansing Police Department and Cynthia Meteyer from Sparrow Hospital had with the kids on Saturday. We sang “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, decorated sugar cookies (I didn’t know tiny cookies could hold so much sugar-weight!) and made ornaments. Our main location for all this fun was in the playroom but we had a chance to visit a few of the “little elves” in their rooms. In all we laughed and sang with 15 kids, age 6 months to 16 years. Thank you to the East Lansing Police Department for the teddy bears, cars and tattoos and Cindy Meteyer for bringing the delicious sugar cookies.

Craft Party, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI, November 12, 2014
By Megan Maiani, FADF Advisory Board
Today we had a craft party in the garden center. There were Thanksgiving Turkeys gobblin up all over the Pediatric Unit, however we could not visit with many due to the respiratory season and many children on isolation precautions. We had a turkey foam ornament that many of the kids named and hung on their IV pole to decorate it as well as a turkey and owl cup decoration they could make. For the little ones we had Thanksgiving Pilgrim hats they could color and wear around. The biggest hit were Thanksgiving activity mats where the kids could work on word searches and puzzles (some of the parents wanted one too). We also provided each child and a few siblings with a toy/activity choice from the treasure chest! We ended up providing 29 kids with crafts to keep them busy and left another 24 bags with a craft that children later in the week can work on.

"Royal Tuck-In" Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, October 30, 2014
By Beth Monicatti Blank-Sparrow Hospital, Tuck-In Coordinator and FADF Advisory Board Member
"Royal Tuck In"—Halloween Edition was a huge success! Aimee Fitzgerald, Ashley Floyd and our amazing escort from Sparrow Hospital Cynthia Meteyer all dressed up to bring some Halloween fun to the pediatric unit at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing. We asked many questions of the 17 kids (and many siblings) ages 6 months to 21 year about their outfits and plans for the fun, candy filled holiday. We gave them books, blankets, bookmarks, candy and fun Halloween toys to celebrate the holiday.

An Afternoon at DeVos Children’s Hospital, Grand Rapids, October 10th, 2014
By Erin Jenkinson: For A Day Foundation DeVos Children's Hospital Chairperson
In honor of the fall season pumpkin door hangers were decorated by our little visitors at DeVos Children’s hospital this afternoon. The creativity was spooky, silly, and very colorful! We also made creepy pipe cleaner spiders with neon green eyes! We had about 20 little one visit with us in the playroom. So much fun was had by everyone, even the parents and staff enjoyed our time together. I was so excited and happy to have Camille Bridges, Miss Greater Grand Rapids join me. Today was so special at DeVos every child brought a different story and filled my heart overflowing. We truly had an afternoon filled with superheroes, princesses, and artists. All I can say is there was lots of fun, laughter, and joy happening in the playroom today! I am looking forward to our visit in after the New Year. See you in January! Next visit date to be announced.

"Royal Tuck In" Hurley Children's Hospital, Flint, Michigan, September 24th, 2014
By Erin Jenkinson: For A Day Foundation Hurley Children's Hospital Chairperson
Busy, busy, busy are the words to describe the Pediatric Unit at Hurley tonight! The house was pretty full with 10 girls and 16 boys filling the beds. The staff was very happy to see my little cart of toys, crafts, capes, tiaras and more for the children. One staff member told me how grateful he was because the unit toy chest was pretty empty at the moment. I was excited to have Miss Auburn Midland, Jaeleen Davis with me this evening to help entertain and hang out with the kids. We laughed, told stories, and helped with the crafts. One young boy stole both our hearts while visiting him. Tyron never spoke a word but wanted us to put the cape and mask we gave him. So you know we had to capture that memory with a picture! If you would like to be part of our next visit on October, 20th from 6-8 pm let me know! Call Erin Jenkinson at 810-241-5671.

Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak Gimme' A Break, Monday, September 15, 2014
By Coordinator and Advisory Board Member Ruth Williams
We started tonight with glitter tattoos for the kids. Always a big hit! Tonight we spent time with 17 patients and their families. The families are always so happy when we are there so they can relax with a facial and just a little attention for a short time. We are so glad to be back after a short summer break. Now if we could only someone to do massage? Please contact me know if you know of anyone at rwilliams6303@gmail.com.

"Royal Tuck-In" Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, August 21, 2014
By Beth Monicatti Blank-Sparrow Hospital, Tuck-In Coordinator and FADF Advisory Board Member
Thanks very much to great volunteers Shawn Schram and Ashley Floyd for leaving smiling faces at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing last night! Books, stuffed animals, blankets and newly acquired handmade book marks were greeted with enthusiasm by the 20 kids (patients and siblings) of the kids (ages 3 months to 15 years.) We were able to chat with a patient about our mutual love of “Chopped” from Food Network!

Many thanks to Cynthia Meteyer from Sparrow Hospital for stewarding us through the hallways of Pediatrics and Pediatric ICU. She’s so awesome! We look forward to a return visit in October.

FADF at Camp Quality North, Traverse City, MI, August 15, 2014
By Ruth Williams, Camp Quality North Coordinator and FADF Advisory Board Member
What an awesome day we had at camp today! There were 49 great kids at camp this week. We have been working with Camp Quality for so long to help make the last day at camp the best. We did hair, makeup, glitter tattoos, crafts and they got to decorate and eat cookies.

We lost a few volunteers this year due to the flood waters (in Detroit) but had the camp companions help with the nails. All the campers had their picture taken after they were all dolled up.

Thank you to all our volunteers! You all really worked as a team to make sure the kids all had a great time!

An Afternoon at DeVos Children’s Hospital, Grand Rapids, August 7th, 2014
By Erin Jenkinson: For a Day Foundation Hurley Children's Hospital Chairperson
Kite decorating filled our afternoon at DeVos Children’s Hospital today. I was really grateful to have Miss Michigan’s Outstanding Teen Alisha Gatchel and Miss Heartland Darynn Robinson join me. The kids were so excited to make their very own kite! I was even asked to help a little guy make a superman kite! He wanted his kite to match the super hero cape and mask we had given him as a gift. The nurse was amazed at how much energy he had flying around the playroom dressed in his cape and mask, when just moments before he was feeling too sick to do anything. Just goes to show what the power of a visit from a few queens and a red cape can do for the hearts of children! This afternoon 12 girls and 10 boys enjoyed making their kites and left the playroom with loads of goodies from tiaras, boas, coloring books, crayons, small toys and of course super hero capes for all the little superheroes! I am excited to return to DeVos Children’s again very soon. Stay tuned for the next visit!

"Royal Tuck In" Hurley Children's Hospital, Flint, Michigan, July 28th, 2014
By Erin Jenkinson: For a Day Foundation Hurley Children's Hospital Chairperson
Tonight was pretty quiet and relaxing as I visited with the kids. I read stories to a few little ones, helped a young boy put a puzzle together, and visited with a couple patients I had visited during past FADF events. As always one cutie stands out to me, I heard a little voice yelling down the hall, “Doctor, oh Doctor,” the nurses just laughed and told me he was looking for someone to go play with him. Well, we all know where I ended up! He was too cute, after I gave him lots of goodies to play with he told me all about him and why he needed to be at the hospital. He was a little sad when I had to leave but told me he understood. I finished up visiting 21 kids, 9 boys and 11 girls.

Looking forward to the next visit on September 15th from 6 – 8 p.m. Please let me know if you would like to join. I can be reached at: 810-241-5671.

FADF Visit to Camp Quality, Camp Copneconic in Fenton, July 24, 2014
By Beth Monicatti Blank-FADF Fenton Camp Quality Coordinator and Advisory Board Member

A great group of volunteers!
Camp Quality is a summer camping experience and year-round support program for children with cancer. We're glad to be a part of an event that is so well run by Jeff Cram. This is our 7th year of working with the great staff.

At the camp for the week were 68 kids.

For a Day Foundation was asked to assist in the preparations before the big talent show, held the last night of camp. All the talented volunteers did hair, makeup, nails, tattoos, decorated cookies and kites as a craft! Jeremy James from the Detroit Police Department, had the kids learning new police techniques.

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers-Ruth Williams and the wonderful hair dressers from Excel School, Andy Blank, Erin Jenkinson, Paula Jenkinson, Jen Gussin, Donna Zaleski, Megan Maiani, Tammy Maiani, Jeremy James, David Badaszewski, Ashley Floyd, Catherine and John Chandler, Chris Vandenberg, Asma Mehboob and the staff at All Seasons Communications for their purchasing and creative talents!

What an great time we had with these kids!

We think we’re tough with butterfly tattoos!

A green skunk stripe.

Jeremy James teaching skills.

A ninja banana kite.

Michigan Business Travel Association, Golf Event, June 23, 2014
By Esther Skiba, Area Director
This past Monday, several volunteers from FADF attended the golf outing hosted by the Michigan Business Travel Association. FADF Advisory Board Members Megan Maiani, Carol Almeranti and Area Director Esther Skiba were honored to spend the day with this wonderful group. The morning started out with a delicious breakfast at the Ann Arbor Marriot Hotel, and MBTA business meeting, where Megan Maiani did a presentation on our FADF chapter. At the conclusion of the meeting we were presented with a table FULL with supply donations, given by the members.

We moved to the golf course where Carol Almeranti represented the chapter. The non golfers stayed behind for a special luncheon. Throughout the day, MBTA members sold raffle tickets for some great prizes including pairs of airline tickets donated by Delta and Southwest Airlines.

After golfing everyone met at the clubhouse for a reception and awards presentation sponsored by Delta Airlines. Carol Almeranti did a wonderful FADF presentation to the crowd in attendance.

Thanks to the hard work of the MBTA, over $2000 was raised for the For a Day Foundation along with additional supplies.

We have been invited to the MBTA, December meeting where there will be a holiday party and an even bigger raffle and silent auction to benefit FADF.

Thank you to all of the members, and a special shout out to Sandy C. for the amazing day and very generous donations!

Summer Party at Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, June 21, 2014
By Beth Monicatti Blank-Sparrow Hospital, Sparrow Hospital Coordinator and FADF Advisory Board Member
What a beautiful day for our summer party at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing! Thankfully the census on the pediatric until was relatively low. We managed to entertain 14 children with kite and cookie decorating for a couple hours in the children’s play room. Thanks for Cynthia Meteyer from Sparrow for facilitating our party and bringing the sugar cookies. Seems the weight of the frosting and decorations might have been too much for the cookies—but the kids somehow managed. The kite decorating was a big hit thanks to the help of Paula Jenkinson and Officers Tonya Williams and Jacob Cortez from the East Lansing Police Department. We look forward to our next “Tuck In” on August 21, 2014.

Craft Party, Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI, June 11, 2014
By Debbie Hormel, Beaumont Chairperson and FADF Advisory Board
We had a great turnout for our Craft Party in the Garden Room at Royal Oak Beaumont’s Pediatric Unit. Thank you Catie Glossmann for making the invitations for each child. I’m sure that helped to get the word out about our event.

We had 7 patients come to assemble and decorate yummy sugar cookies, complete with sprinkles, frostings, and lots of mini marshmallows. There were mugs to decorate for Father’s Day, and door hangers to create. After our photo shoot of each child the kids were busy decorating and personalizing picture frames for their photos we developed on the spot.

For all the other kids that couldn’t join us we filled up FADF gift bags with lots of goodies: crafts, crayons, activity books, small toys, nail polish, etc. Each bag was hand packed and items were age and gender appropriate. Bottomless Toy Chest donated a Fazzoodles toys for each child in the Pediatric Unit. Altogether we filled 11 bags!

A huge thank you to Fayclare Blau, Beth Sills and Catie Glossmann for helping to make this a great event. The time you spent with each child was precious!

The For a Day Foundation's 7th Annual Fashion Show – May 4, 2014
by Nikki Follis - Fashion Show Chairperson
Another successful fashion show concluded on May 4, 2014. It’s hard to believe, but this was our 7th Annual Fashion Show. Many of our models have been in the show since we started the event years ago and it’s been absolutely amazing to watch them grow from adorable timid youngsters learning their way around the runway to stunning, grown, and strong teenagers (and some are even…gasp…adults….Where does the time go?!!) who owned the runway this year. A few of our models have graduated high school (or will this year), one just got married, and a few are off to college with some very impressive majors! It’s hard not to be impressed with each and everyone one of our models. They are amazing in so many ways.

Fashion showThe event was again held at the Carson’s store at the Partridge Creek Mall! Just as we have in the past, the show was opened up to boys and girls ages 3-21 as well as their siblings. We had 27 kids in attendance that day!! Definitely one of our biggest shows yet. This year our show was dedicated to three very special angels, Amber Madigan, Nicole Burton and Rachel Collette.

The day began with pampering on location by many wonderful salon professionals who took their time making the girl’s look runway ready (Some of the boys took advantage of this service too), Carson's makeup counters handled our makeup, and Megan, Kaitlyn, and Tammy Maiani took care of the manicures and pedicures. The experts took the time to provide the salon services to all of the participants involved ensuring that they would look their absolute best for the event. There were some amazing looks provided by our pampering team this year!

Heather Savas of Heather Savas Photography provided photo shoots of the participants and each child will receive a photo memory of their day. This is always fun as Heather has a creative eye and involved not only the model, but siblings and parents in the photo shoot too!!

Jimmy John's and Nino Salvaggio provided our food and beverages for the day. English Garden's provided our flowers for each participant to provide to their family for being by their side through thick and thin.

Vanessa, the beautiful princess from Tea Party castle provided a beautiful opening and closing song to our fashion show.

Jenna Edwards, the Founder of The For a Day Foundation, was our very special guest speaker this year. What a privilege it was to have her and her mother in town for our event.

The Clinton Township Water Department and Master Robotics sponsored our event this year. We are always so grateful for their financial support.

Just as years past, smiles, tears and cheers filled the room as soon as the participants started their way down the runway. Stephanie Gray took the time to speak to the audience about her story at the start of the show. I am not sure there was a dry eye in the house once she shared her story. What an amazing young woman she is! Her story really shows just how strong these young heroes are. It was a great addition to hear her speak of how far she has come to be where she is today. Each model has their own story, but their attitudes the day of the show really show just how strong they are. They are truly astounding individuals.

We had a great turnout with well over 150 people in attendance and standing room only again this year. Theresa at Carson’s did a fabulous job putting this event into motion. We even have our date set for next year, so save the date for Sunday, May 3, 2015!

Thank you to all of the volunteers that came out to help the day of the event as well as those who assisted prior to the event! There was a lot of work that went into planning the event and the final outcome really showed how much the effort really made a difference! I really could not put this event together without all of your help and support!

Run with the Cops, not from Them
5th Annual "Run with the Cops, not from Them!" fundraising race Belle Isle, Detroit, May 3, 2014
By Sgt Carol Almeranti, Race Coordinator and FADF Advisory Board Member and Sgt Jeremy James, FADF Volunteer and Race Coordinator
Early morning showers didn’t deter our crowds as hundreds of runners/walkers arrived to support our race of 2014! Thankfully,
it all cleared up well before the race began and the starting line was lined up with smiles and fellowship. Our volunteer core did a fantastic job of setting up in the rain, running registration, and manning our water stations. Amoungst the crowd was the founders of the For A Day Foundation, Jenna and Debbie Edwards, and Detroit Police Chief James E. Craig. Our wonderful sponsors continue to support us in the best ways!

Our new friends of the DNR and State Police joined into the crowd as our events kicked off, which included a 1-Mile fun walk/run, and two US American Track and Field certified courses, the 5k and 10k. Also in attendance was DPD’s Bomb Squad, Dive Team, Mounted Unit, Special Response Team, Aviation Unit, and many others. We thank our runners/walkers, volunteers and police officers for braving the elements and supporting our worthy cause!

Please visit www.everalracemgt.com for race results for the 5k and 10k runners.
West Bloomfield Running Club A great big thank you to the wonderful Quail Family that participated in their 5th FADF Run with the Cops, Not from Them!

5th Annual FADF Run with the Cops, Not from Them! Sponsors


Detroit Police Officers Association


Great Lakes Wine and Spirits
Detroit Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association
Dr. Jeffrey Reider
Kathy Nenni
Pegasus Entertainment (Stage)
Absopure (Water)
Ameriprise, Mary K. Ewasyshyn


Wayne County Detectives Association
State Farm, Jay Munji
Dena and David Raminick


Law Offices of Thomas C. Miller
AAple Fabricating Inc
Sudnick Law
Northwestern Mutual, Steve Azoury

In Kind

HTC Global Services
97.1 The Ticket
All Seasons Communications
Whole Foods
Support the Cause
CWD Creative Design

An Afternoon at DeVos Children’s Hospital, Grand Rapids, May 2nd, 2014
By Erin Jenkinson: For A Day Foundation Hurley Children's Hospital Chairperson
What an exciting afternoon Haley and I had at DeVos Children’s Hospital. I was not only honored to bring the For A Day Foundation to DeVos, but thrilled that Haley Williams, Miss Michigan 2013 join me. We began our visit in the playroom making Mother’s Day cards with the children. While Haley was making a card with a very special young lady, she reminded Haley of a previous visit they had when Haley was Miss Michigan’s Outstanding Teen a few years back, just goes to show kids remember everything! After our time in the playroom the child life specialist took us to visit the children unable to go to the playroom. So many wonderful moments were shared with these children from the inpatient unit to the outpatient oncology/hematology clinic. We visited with more than 30 children between all the units. Haley and I loved watching the faces and excitement of these children when we showed up with tiaras, boa, firemen hats, coloring books, crayons, games, and crafts. The favorite gift by far was the superman capes and masks we gave to the boys! I have to say our visit with one little boy who was in protective isolation made my day. He was so cute waving and jumping up and down impatiently waiting for us to come to his door. When we showed him a selection of toys and crafts through the glass door, you could see in his eyes he was trying to make a choice, the superman cape won, but we surprised him and gave him everything! Boy was he one happy little camper! What a wonderful time we had at DeVos, and we’re so excited to be invited back to share more great memories. Stay tuned for the next visit at DeVos Children’s, date to be determined.

"Royal Tuck-In" Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, April 24, 2014
By Beth Monicatti Blank-Sparrow Hospital, Tuck-In Coordinator and FADF Advisory Board Member
Thanks to a great group of volunteers—Amy Wozniak, Mark Suszan, Erin and Paula Jenkinson we had a wonderful “Tuck In” last night at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing. Blankets, books, stuffed animals and bright flashy items made the kids smile. Our wonderful leader Cynthia Meteyer from Sparrow Hospital brought us to the rooms of 14 kids, ages 10 days to 17 years. Can’t wait for our summer party at the hospital on June 21!

"Royal Tuck In" Hurley Children's Hospital, Flint, Michigan, April 16, 2014
By Erin Jenkinson: For A Day Foundation, Hurley Children's Hospital Chairperson
Easter being just around the corner I brought plenty of Easter crafts, stuffed bunnies, tiaras and lots of toys to pass out to the children. I also gave every child an Easter egg filled with runners/walkers, volunteers and police officers for braving the elements and supporting our worthy cause!

Please visit with tonight. See you May 5, 2014 at Hurley Children’s Hospital. Contact Erin Jenkinson at 810-241-5671, if you would like to be a part of these visits.

Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak Gimme' A Break, Monday, April 14, 2014
By Coordinator and Advisory Board Member Ruth Williams
This night we saw 23 parents and patients. Rose, Dawn, and I had a busy night. The glitter tattoos are always a big hit with the kids and the girls love getting their nails done. We are still looking for someone to do massage as the parents really could use this service. Please contact me know if you know of anyone at rwilliams6303@gmail.com.

Richard Astrein Loses a Bet, April 2014
By Beth Monicatti Blank-Sparrow Hospital, Tuck-In Coordinator and FADF Advisory Board Member
Each year, Richard Astrein of Astrein’s Fine Jewelry in Birmingham, Michigan, and I announce a friendly wager. Each year he holds out hope that the Detroit Lions will actually win 10 games in a season. Unfortunately for me he loses each year and I am able to donate his hard-earned money to charity. Thank you Richard for your support of our foundation. It is much appreciated.

Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak "Gimme A Break", Monday, March 24, 2014, hosted by Ruth Williams, FADF Beaumont Coordinator and FADF Advisory Board Member
Our first night back at Beaumont this year was a steady night of patients and parents.

The kids loved getting glitter tattoo's (a lot of the parents too) then on to getting their nails done.

Facials and paraffin dips were a hit for the night and we pampered 23 people through the night. I am so thankful that I have Roz, Rose, and Dawn that work with me every visit. Now we just need someone to do massage!

Visit to St. John's Hospital in Detroit, March 19, 2014
by FADF Volunteer, Linda Almeranti
On a chilly, cloudy afternoon, our FADF volunteers, Carol Almeranti, Linda Almeranti and Karen Miller were greeted with smiles and laughter by the children we visited in Pediatrics. Carol delivered gift bags containing various surprises such as puzzles, crafts, blankets and toys to 6 children who were unable to come down to the Activities Room. Meanwhile, Karen and I assisted 4 children as they worked on selected crafts. The ages of the children ranged from 4 to 14 years old. We all had a great, heart-warming experience and look forward to our next visit at the end of June for a Fourth of July themed celebration.

"Royal Tuck In" Hurley Children's Hospital, Flint, Michigan, February 24, 2014
By Erin Jenkinson: For A Day Foundation, Hurley Children's Hospital Chairperson
Volunteers help with the Tuck In at Beaumont hospitalHurley Royal Tuck In was met with a very cold and snowy evening so I loaded up lots of fleece blankets and warm socks for my little patients tonight. I visited with 18 children, 10 boys and 8 girls. Lots of toys, tiaras, and fun crafts were given to the children tonight. Many laughs and good stories were shared. One particular Mom was a little tearful when I handed her a fleece blanket for her sleeping son, she stated, “He still cherishes the blanket you gave him a few years ago,” at this point I think we were both a little tearful. My last visit with an 8 year old boy again made this evening super special. After I brought him lots of goodies and we played with his new cars, I told him to sleep tight and get well really soon, as I was leaving the room, he whispered really loud, “See what I mean Mom, I love this place.” And these are the moments that drag me out in a blizzard.

See you April 14th, 2014, at Hurley Children’s Hospital. Contact Erin Jenkinson at 810-241-5671 if you would like to be a part of these visits.

"Royal Tuck-In" Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, February 27, 2014
By Beth Monicatti Blank-Sparrow Hospital, Tuck-In Coordinator and FADF Advisory Board Member
Hospital visit to bring cheer to sick kidsLots of smiles and thanks from the 16 kids we saw between the ages of 3 months and 17 years. During our 7pm “Tuck-In” we leave the kids with books, stuffed animals, blankets and night lights to make the evening less overwhelming. Thank you to Carol Almeranti, Cindy Malis, Cindy Meteyer from Sparrow, Officer Tonya Williams from the East Lansing Police Department and new volunteer Chethie Muthukuda. So great with the kids!

Valentine Wishes
By Esther Skiba, FADF Detroit Area Director
Thank you to teacher, Jennifer Ziemann, and students at The Roeper ValentinesLower School in Bloomfield Hills and to the students at Harvey Swanson School in Ortonville for the special valentine cards for our For a Day Foundation kids.

These cards are sure to brighten their day!

Coatcheck Fundraiser, Detroit Camper and RV Show, Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI, Saturday, February 8, 2014
by coordinator David Badaszewski
The lines and the crowds of people were endless all day, and they were generous once again too. Mother Nature kept it cold outside keeping everyone in their heavy winter coats. so this helped. We broke last year’s record take for donations by a landslide ... we collected $1155 in 2013, this year we collected $1670 in donations for this event.

A huge thank you to volunteers Sergeant Carol Almeranti, Cindy Malis, Amanda Hofbauer, Mary Magnan, Ron Chaney Jr, Kelly Fisher, Andy Blank, Ashley Floyd, Shawn Schram, her son Ethan, her daughter Marissa, Kimberly Gottesman, Lisa Legault, Jennifer Butkovich, and Esther and John Skiba for taking 2-2.5+ hours of your day to devote to a great cause. Your time and hard work to manage the hundreds of coats we checked is so appreciated. Collectively, the event was about 12 hours of teamwork. And a special thanks to Lee Ann Seymour for working with me all day.

Thanks to Beth Monicatti Blank for her help in coordinating this event and the Michigan Association of Recreational Vehicles and Campgrounds, www.marvac.org for donating the space. A big thank you to the Suburban Showplace staff too for their responsiveness is getting us more coat racks and hangers. Like last year, without them we would have lost donations due to limited coat space.

Roeper School, Student Donation
By Dena Raminick, FADF Advisory Board Member
On February 1, 2014 thirteen high schoolers from The Roeper School, along with their home room teacher Jamie Lyons-Eddy, produced their 8th Annual Talent Show. Over 350 people bought tickets to see twenty acts varying from singing, comedy sketches, dancing, and more. Noah Raminick, a For a Day volunteer and Roeper Junior was happy to include FADF in this years' donations. The group will donate $1000.00!

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